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Experience The Future Of Wireless Audio With The uStream One Hi-Fi Stereo Powered Speaker System.

Say goodbye to messy cables and hello to seamless connectivity. With our True Wireless Bluetooth technology, these bookshelf speakers effortlessly pair with each other, creating a stunning stereo soundscape that rivals systems with a much higher price tag.

Setting up is a breeze – just plug in and power on and within seconds they will be paired and ready to connect to your Bluetooth playback source. No complicated setup or technical knowledge required. What sets the uStream One apart is our proprietary-designed bass/mid driver with a metal alloy diaphragm. This innovative feature ensures incredibly low-frequency sound reproduction with precise control, delivering a powerful listening experience that will leave you mesmerized. Combined with the high-frequency driver, every note and beat will be brought to life in crystal-clear detail. 

 Not just limited to music lovers, the uStream One is also an excellent alternative to a TV soundbar, delivering cinema-like audio for your favorite movies or shows.And if you’re into Smart Home technology, the uStream One seamlessly integrates with Amazon or Google for a multiroom setup that will transform your living space into an immersive audio paradise. Upgrade your listening experience today with the uStream One – simplicity meets extraordinary sound quality.

The Details

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